A visit to the rescue center

A visit to the rescue center
A visit to the rescue center, Photo: Yaniv Levi

As part of the rescue center’s public relations work, and to educate people to love and conserve nature, the rescue center opens its gates to visitors in the framework of guided tours. We invite you to fall in love with this impressive and noble prehistoric creature and become ambassadors for the protection of the sea and nature.

What’s on the tour?

The tour opens with a lecture about sea turtles, their life cycle and the threats to their survival. You’ll also learn about the history of the rescue center and the efforts made today to protect the sea turtles of the Mediterranean. After the lecture you’ll tour the center’s yard, meet the turtles in treatment close up, and hear their stories. You’ll discover how to avoid harming sea turtles and what to do if you come across a turtle in trouble.

In addition to the tour of the rescue center, you can enjoy a tour of the beach or the Alexander Stream:

On your tour of the Beit Yannai beach, you’ll discover its rich habitat, especially the world of the sea turtles in Israel and the problems they face. The tour includes a role-playing activity to get to know the life cycle of the turtles and the connection to humans.

On your tour of the Alexander Stream you’ll learn about the ecological implications of the feeding station on the population of soft-shell turtles in the stream and you’ll meet the turtles in their natural environment.

Who is the tour intended for?

The encounter with recovering sea turtles is exciting at any age! Still, since the tour includes a lecture, and takes place in a compound that actually operates like a hospital, it isn’t recommended for children under age 6.

For further information and to reserve a group tour, please call the guiding department: 08-6220835.

Individual visitors: Please call the Israel Nature and Parks Authority information line: *3639