Import of Mammals

讗专谞讘转.jpg Rabbit

馃悋White list:

List of species permitted for import, commerce and possession in Israel following issuing of a permit by the Israel Nature and Parks Authority.

Do the desired species appear on the White List?

Species that do not appear on the White List are prohibited for import, commerce and possession!

馃悋Application process:

  1. You must arrange a permit for commerce through the permits portal to register as an authorized importer by the Israel Nature and Parks Authority.
  2. Along with arranging the permit for commerce, you must email a typed application to Attached is the import permit application form. When you fill out the form, make sure to provide the details of the supplier, quantities and the complete scientific names of the species.
  3. Assessment and issuing of the permit will take up to 30 days.
  4. Import permits require payment of a fee. After your permit application is approved, you will receive an email with the amount of the fee and details of payment procedure.
  5. The import permit is valid for six months and for one shipment only.
  6. Once you have received the permit, you must contact the veterinary services at to inquire whether a health permit is needed
  7. Forty-eight hours before the shipment arrives, you must inform the INPA’s representative by email or text of the flight details of the shipment. Contact information appears on the permit.
  8. After the shipment arrives or the permit expires you must report to the permits department on the quantities that were actually imported (and also report non-use of the permit).