Hands-On Archaeology – Digging Through Time


Discover the thrilling new tourist experience that was conceived and became a reality ,at the heart of a small but unique and vibrant archaeological site: Digging Through Time at Korazim National Park.

גן לאומי כורזים. חופרים בזמן. צילום חגי דביר
גן לאומי כורזים. חופרים בזמן. צילום חגי דביר

Korazim is a Jewish village that is a little over two thousand years old and flourished during the Mishna and Talmudic periods. What sets this site apart is not only the great variety of ruins and archaeological findings, but the whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. This is because Korazim is one of the only places in Israel where you can see an authentic ancient agricultural Jewish village in all its splendor: a magnificent synagogue built with local basalt stones, a mikveh for ritual purification, houses, olive presses to produce olive oil, a wine press for making local wine, and everything the residents would have needed – all in one, compact location.

As part of the latest round of updates to the Korazim site, including creating and improving the hiking trails, we developed a new archaeological experience called, “Digging Through Time.” This is intended for tourists, students, schools, and members of the general public who want to roll up their sleeves, experience, experiment, and go beyond the theoretical to good old-fashioned practical work.

Digging Through Time offers a complete experience of the archaeological process, including the thrill of discovering antiquities. This is what makes the tour truly special and a memory of Israel that they will always treasure. All digs are performed under the guidance of the site’s head archaeologist, Achia Kohn-Tavor.