Important updates:

谞讞诇 转谞讬谞讬诐 砖专讬转 驻诇爪讬 诪讬讗专讛
谞讞诇 转谞讬谞讬诐 砖专讬转 驻诇爪讬 诪讬讗专讛, 砖诪讜专转 讟讘注 谞讞诇 转谞讬谞讬诐. 砖专讬转 驻诇爪讬 诪讬讗专讛

馃搷important message 馃搷
Following the expected tourist teaffic in the coming months, we remind you that it is mandatory to reserve places online for Masada National Park and Ein Gedi Nature Reserve.
Groups that arrive without an invitation or not in the right time slot will be delayed at the entrance or will not be able enter at all
Sorry for the inconvenience


Food Service at Masada
We are happy to announce that food service at Masada National Park is back!
Starting Monday, September 12, the restaurant and fast-food buffets will operate as usual. For more details you can contact Udi on mobile no. 050-2177113.


The “Caesarea Experience” display (near the Roman Theater) has opened for visitors! Between Sunday to Thursday.
First screening 8:15 a.m. Last screening 3:45 p.m.(winter time) /4:45 p.m. (summer time).
The film is about 10 minutes long, available in Hebrew, English, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, French and German.
Registration is done upon arrival to the site or by calling 04-6263371


馃搷live update 1/09/23
The site is open to the public!
From 1/9/23 will be charged enterence fee to Susita National Park
Susita is one of the new and most beautiful sites in Israel, where visitors will learn about the amazing story of this Byzantine Roman city, as well as the legacy of the occupation of Susita by members of Kibbutz Ein Gav during the War of Independence. All this takes place against a wonderful background that presents the diverse natural splendor of the Sea of 鈥嬧婫alilee and the Golan.



An archaeological excavation is now underway in Korazim National Park, including preservation efforts within the synagogue complex. The Korazim synagogue was active in the 4th and 5th centuries CE and was widely known for its impressive architecture and artistry. The preservation and restoration efforts now underway are designed to make the site more accessible, improve the visitor experience, and 鈥 above all 鈥 pay respect to history. This work includes restoring the basalt floor, adding benches similar to those that would have originally been present, and roofing the synagogue. The synagogue is still open, but is not accessible to people with disabilities. It can be visited under the general restrictions in force at the site. The preservation and restoration work is expected to be completed at the end of next year.

Herodium National Park

Work continues on development and accessibility
As our development work continues at Herodium National Park, a shaded viewing platform has been built for the tomb structure, including original items on loan from the Israel Museum. A shaded area has also been established next to the exhibition about the royal chamber within the theater complex, and an accessible paved path now leads to the royal chamber.

Herodium National Park is home to one of the most impressive ancient palaces in the Judean Desert. It was not only Herod the Great鈥檚 personal palace, with extravagant living quarters, but also his burial place.