“Touching Time” – Zippori National Park Invites You to Touch the Stones


The Israel Nature and Parks Authority invites you to an exciting, team-building hands-on experience of the fascinating remnants of the past at Zippori National Park

The Program

“Touching Time” is a 2-3 hours’ experience, suitable for families and groups, led in Hebrew and English.

  • You’ll discover what conservation work involves.
  • You’ll participate in actual conservation of the ancient “Wall of the Generations.”
  • You’ll take a guided tour of the site.
  • A Hands-on ancient craft workshop is available at an additional fee.

The program is led by a conservation expert.

Zippori National Park

Zippori was once the capital of the Galilee, the seat of the Sanhedrin and the place where the Mishnah was redacted. A mixed population lived in Zippori, and the remains of dozens of beautiful mosaics from the Roman and Byzantine periods that grace the site shed light on this international mosaic city.




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