3 stunning archaeological sites your kids will go wild for in Israel


We all grew up with fantastical stories about grand fortresses and crusader adventures and it is very likely your teens are enthralled by these kind of exciting stories as well.

ืžืฆื“ื”_(5).jpg Masada National Park

While touring Israel with your family, make sure you do not miss out on these three fabulous archaeological sites weโ€™ve carefully rounded up for your convenience. All three sites are truly mind boggling and are bound to get your teens imagination run even wilder than ever before. Treat yourselves to these epic and unforgettable adventures!

Masada National Park

Hereโ€™s one of Israelโ€™s most stunning archaeological sites and an absolute โ€œmust-seeโ€. From itโ€™s Wonderful views of the desert and the dead sea to the legend behind it, everything about this mountaintop fortress screams โ€œcome visitโ€! Located just a mere 20 min. drive off the dead sea, this site is a such a major historical, religious, and archaeological find that is a joy to explore. This mighty fortress built by King Herod the Great offers you and your loved ones a chance to experience the amazing history of Masada first hand while enjoying the magnificent views of Jordan and the Dead Sea. There are several ways you can storm the fortress, you can either travel by cable car that will take you all the way to the top (for an easy and quick ride) or, in case youโ€™re up for the challenge, climb up the fort through the Snake Path. Make sure you begin your walk before dawn so you will not miss out on the breathtaking sunrise over the Moab Mountains.


Apollonia National Park

Treat yourselves to an epic crusader adventure just 15 min. away from Tel-Aviv!
This gorgeous 13th century fortress site (also known as the ancient city and fortress of Arsuf) offers a rare and exciting look at one of the most ancient crusader castles in the world with stunning views out over the Mediterranean ocean. The site also offers you and your family a wonderful day out with many hiking and picnic opportunities. It has both paved routes and dirt ones so it’s fully accessible to everyone. There are also picnic grounds and grassy sand dunes in the adjacent Hof Hasharon National Park so Just bring a picnic lunch and enjoy!
With stunning lookout points and a tour of the ancient ruins youโ€™re in for a real treat.


Apollonia National Park. Photo Credit: Manu Grinshpan


Caesarea National Park

This is by far one of Israelโ€™s most important and impressive archaeological site and a โ€œmust visitโ€ for anyone who has ever dreamed of a place that magically combines glorious Roman and Crusader-era ruins, breathtaking sunsets, beautiful beaches and stunning scenery. Add to that the fact it is located a mere 40 min drive from Tel Aviv (approx.) and you got yourselves an unforgettable family trip day. Located right off the coast of the Mediterranean, it was built by the great builder Herod 2000 years ago (now in ruins) and is considered by many as one of Israelโ€™s great archaeological treasures. Beside itโ€™s beautiful, sweeping views of the Mediterranean, this site has many points of interest for you and your family to explore and enjoy: superb Roman Era ruins, the restored Caesarea massive Roman amphitheater (where 2000 years ago the citizens of Caesarea were entertained, you can even climb all the way to the top!), the Hippodrome (where spectators would come to see gladiators), the Reef Palace and so much more!


Masada National Park: Photo Credit