Eilat Coral Beach Nature Reserve


If you love to snorkel and swim in water that is full of marine life, coral and gorgeous fishes this is the place for you! Considered by many as one of the best and most exciting reefs in the world, this nature reserve is just a magical experience for all you swimmers, divers and nature lovers out there and an absolute perfect day trip.

Located under the sea off the coast of Eilat (about 10 min. ride south of Eilat), it is a great spot for you to enjoy the quietness of the sea while exploring the colorful underwater jungle of coral reefs and marine life! This extraordinary coral reef makes you feel like youโ€™re swimming in an aquarium and it is home to dozens and dozens of beautiful fishes, featuring more than 270 species of coral and 650 species of tropical fish as well as the largest underwater observatory in the Middle East. So if you are in Eilat and are looking for a beach that is not overly crowded and yet is has easily accessible – look no further, cause youโ€™ve just found exactly what youโ€™re looking for.

It is truly one of a kind experience to share with your loved ones so just bring your diving masks and gear (or rent them at the reef) and visit!

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