Three most fabulous family friendly nature reserves in Israel


Here are three of Israel鈥檚 most gorgeous and relaxing nature reserves, in all their stunning natural beauty.

Tel Dan Manu Tel Dan. Photo Credit: Manu Grinspan

Israel sure has plenty of thrilling and exciting sites for you to check out while touring the country with the family (Caesarea & Masada national parks comes to mind of course, to name a few) but every now and then, we could all use a bit of relaxation time, preferably amid beautiful nature and breathtaking scenery. This is exactly where we come in – rounding up, for your convenience, three of Israel鈥檚 most gorgeous and relaxing nature reserves. Here they are, in all their stunning natural beauty.

Tel Dan Nature Reserve

Treat yourselves to a wondrous nature reserve that is nothing short of a magnificent little piece of heaven, full of history and beauty. This site, located in northern Israel (near Kiryat Shmona) isn鈥檛 only a rare and exquisite archaeological treasure but it is also one of Israel鈥檚 most stunning natural attractions.

The Dan river, originating from the springs at Tel Dan, is the largest of three sources of the Jordan river and this site (covering a total area of 120 acres) has a variety of walks you can take through the reserve while enjoying its beautiful waters streams and treetops. The longest route is the most thrilling one, for it combines antiquities with gorgeous natural sights. All these paths will ultimately lead you to a pool where the river has its source. There鈥檚 a total of four nature trails that crosses water channels amid big forest trees and a flourishing plantation.

This site is also famous for its incredible archaeological excavations, offering a unique exploration of both an ancient Canaanite civilization (about 4,000 years ago) and the Israelite tribe of Dan.

Eilat Coral Beach Nature Reserve

If you love to snorkel and swim in water that is full of marine life, coral and gorgeous fishes this is the place for you! Considered by many as one of the best and most beautiful reefs in the world, this nature reserve is just a magical experience for all you nature lovers out there and an absolute perfect family day trip.

Located under the sea off the coast of Eilat (about 10 min. ride south of Eilat), it is a great spot for you to enjoy the quietness of the sea while exploring the colorful underwater jungle of coral reefs and marine life! This extraordinary coral reef makes you feel like you鈥檙e swimming in an aquarium and it is home to dozens and dozens of beautiful fishes, featuring more than 270 species of coral and 650 species of tropical fish as well as the largest underwater observatory in the Middle East.

It is truly one of a kind experience to share with your loved ones so just bring your diving masks and gear (or rent them at the reef) and visit!


Eilat Coral Beach Nature Reserve. Photo Credit: Doron Nissim

Enot Tsukim Nature Reserve

Travelling across Israel with your loved ones? Make sure you don鈥檛 miss out on this incredible oasis in the heart of the desert! Einot Tsukim nature reserve is without a doubt one of Israel鈥檚 most unique and extraordinary spots for it is the lowest nature reserve in the world – full of life, color and beauty.

This rare and gorgeous reserve is located north of the Dead Sea and makes for a fun and relaxing family day trip thanks to its spring waters flow, enchanting pools, and diverse wildlife (certainly not something you鈥檇 expect to find in the middle of the desert and at the heart of the lowest oasis in the world).

Enot Tsukim Nature Reserve. Photo Credit: Dorin Nissim

Here you can enjoy the beautiful nature while swimming in 3 pools alongside colorful fishes and having a fabulous picnic (there are plenty of picnic tables and shaded areas within the reserve).

The site also offers a hiking route, the 鈥渉idden reserve鈥 (only available with a designated tour guide), view of the retreating Dead Sea and an archeological site from the Second Temple period that is a real gem (archaeological ruins of an impressive Herodian complex).

Before we forget:

As previously mentioned, one can’t truly discuss beautiful nature and breathtaking scenery without adding the gorgeous sites of Caesarea National Park & Masada National Park into the mix. Two of the most beloved and exciting sites Israel’s got to offer. Be sure to visit those as well, in case you still haven’t. These two national treasures are sure to leave a lasting impression on you.