Alexander Stream National Park - Bet Yannai Beach

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Meet Alexander Stream National Park – Bet Yanai Beach

History, heritage and nature

The Alexander Stream is one of the most important and beautiful waterways in the Sharon region. Before it flows into the sea near Bet Yanai Beach, it is surrounded by a large park brimming with treasures of nature and landscape: sand dunes, eucalyptus groves, picnic areas and remnants of human presence in the historical past.

  • Opening hours 06:00 鈥 16:00
  • Staying overnight in the national park, including Bet Yanai Beach, is prohibited!

Main points of interest

  • Softshell turtles 鈥 The largest population of softshell turtles in Israel lives in the Alexander Stream. Softshell turtles live in the fresh stream water, the swamps and shallow tributaries. Softshell turtles were once common in Israel鈥檚 coastal streams but in recent decades the population has declined, and efforts are being made to encourage its reproduction. You can see softshell turtles at the Turtle Bridge in the Alexander Stream National Park.
  • The route of the Alexander Stream 鈥 The stream鈥檚 tributaries begin in the area of Shekhem (Nablus), and 32 kilometers later the stream reaches the sea north of Bet Yanai Beach. Until a few years ago, the stream was very polluted, but after extensive treatment, cleaning and rehabilitation, it is now a jewel of nature. Many animals live in its clean water and a wealth of vegetation thrives on its banks.
  • Samara Ruins 鈥 in the heart of Alexander Stream National Park is a kurkar (calcareous sandstone) hill, at the top of which is a building from the late nineteenth century. The site apparently served as a tax depot in the Ottoman era; you can see vaults that are typical of Turkish architecture. The mining of the kurkar in earlier times created caves on the southern slope of the hill. In winter and spring the hill blooms with an array of spectacular wildflowers.
  • The Alexander Stream estuary 鈥 The Alexander Stream flows into the Mediterranean north of Bet Yanai Beach. In the nineteenth century, there was a small harbor at that point from which watermelons were shipped. During the British Mandate period, illegal immigrant ships would dock at the harbor and in 1948, the ship Altalena, which carried weapons for the Etzl underground forces, docked here. However, the ship was forced to continue to the coast off of Tel Aviv.
  • Bet Yanai Beach 鈥 This is one of the most beautiful and best cared-for beaches in Israel, and it draws tens of thousands of visitors every year. There are lifeguard services on the beach, open spaces and shade structures for the benefit of bathers, as well as a toilet and shower area.

Alexander Stream National Park – Bet Yanai Beach

Useful Information
Opening Hours
  • Opening hours 6AM 鈥 4PM

Lifeguard station hours:

Month Day Opening hours
From April 1, 2020 Sunday鈥揊riday 8AM-5PM
Saturday 8AM-5PM
May Saturday 8AM-5PM
Saturday 8AM-5PM
June Sunday鈥揊riday 8AM-6PM
Saturday 8AM-6PM
July-August Sunday鈥揟hursday, Saturday 8AM-7PM
Friday 8AM-6PM
September Sunday鈥揊riday 聽8AM-6PM
Saturday 8AM-6PM
October until the 17th of the month Sunday鈥揊riday 8AM-5PM
聽聽聽聽 Saturday 8AM-5PM
Beach: Monthly activity: April|May|June|July|August|September|October
Contact us

鈥09-8666230, Information on activities and tours, for groups only, is available from the guiding department of the central district, at鈥 08-6220835

Email: Fax: 鈥 1539-8666230 Instagram of Nature and Parks Authority

The Bet Yannai Beach features the following accessible elements: nine parking places on asphalt, two cubicles each with toilet and sink, showering and changing room, wooden deck from the parking lot to a shaded picnic corner with a table and benches, faucets, railings on steps, a path descending as far as the line of wet sand, a shade structure on a wooden deck in the dry sand, showers on the beach. Directional, identification and informational signs are also accessible.

Note: There is currently no water-accessible wheelchair available .

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Entrance For Dogs

When leashed and muzzled (no dogs allowed on the official bathing beach).

Activities inAlexander Stream National Park – Bet Yanai Beach
Getting there
To the beach

Near the coast road (Highway 2), about 15 minutes from Netanya. Take the Yannai Interchange and turn west. At the T-junction, turn right and immediately right again.

To the Samara Ruins

  1. From Highway 2. 聽Take the Yannai Interchange and turn west (toward the sea). At the T junction continue north (right) for less than 1 kilometer. 聽A brown sign that says 鈥淎lexander Stream鈥 marks a left turn to the sea. Continue on an unpaved road under a bridge eastward near the stream.

  2. From the Turtle Bridge: Take Highway 4 to the Hefer Junction and turn toward Kfar Vitkin. After about 1 kilometer, you鈥檒l come to a traffic circle with a sign 鈥渢o the stream turtle park.鈥澛 Cross the stream at the bridge, continue straight a little farther to the north and turn west to the Samara Grove.

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activities inAlexander Stream National Park – Bet Yanai Beach

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