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Meet Avdat National Park

History, heritage and nature

In the heart of the desert, on a hilltop above the Tsin Stream watercourse, are the impressive remains of an ancient Nabatean city.

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ย Points of interest

  • In the entrance plaza: Movie, 3D model of the city, and archaeological display.
  • The movie at the entrance plaza is translated into 15 languages (dubbing or subtitles): Hebrew, English, Arabic, French, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Czech, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, and Hungarian.
  • The bathhouse (by the entrance to the national park)- a well-preserved building from the Byzantine period, with a dressing room and several rooms for water at different temperatures: a cold room, tepid room, two hot water rooms, and stoves. The water came from a nearby well, 64 m deep.
  • Roman burial cave: a magnificent burial chamber. At the entrance is a structure with reliefs of the sun, the moon and an altar on the faรงade, and in the cave itself there are more than 20 burial niches. Access is from a side path between the Lower City and Upper City.
  • The city fortress: built in the center of the settlement, and used for assemblies and as a refuge for the residents at times of danger.
  • Two Byzantine churches: the southern church, called St. Theodore’s Church after the city’s patron saint, commemorated in one of inscriptions found here, and the northern church, in which was the city’s cathedral. Behind it is a cruciform baptismal basin.

Avdat National Park

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Getting there
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On Road 40 (Beersheba โ€“ Mitspe Ramon). The lower entrance to En Avdat is close to the Ben Gurion family grave and Midreshet Sde Boker. The upper entrance is some 5 km south.

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