Meet Bet Govrin-Maresha National Park

Bet Govrin-Maresha National Park is at the very heart of the “Land of a Thousand Caves”.

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Main points of interest

  • Tel Maresha
  • Maresha Caves
  • The northern city complex
  • The reconstructed ancient wine press and olive press


  • Tel Maresha – a mound identified with the biblical Maresha.
  • The Maresha Caves, among them the impressive cisterns, olive presses, columbarium caves, and burial caves of the Phoenicians who lived in the city, in which rare wall paintings have been restored.
  • The northern city complex, with significant remains from the Roman period (an impressive amphitheater, bath house, walls), and the remains of a Crusader fortress with a church, dining room, workshops, and underground vaults.
  • The reconstructed ancient wine press and olive press.

Bet Govrin-Maresha National Park

Useful Information
Opening Hours

                                        Last entry at least one hour before closing, to allow you to enjoy some of the site                                    
Summer hours: Sunday–Thursday and Saturday: 17:00 - 08:00 Friday and holiday eves: 16:00 - 08:00 Winter hours: Sunday–Thursday and Saturday: 16:00 - 08:00 Friday and holiday eves: 15:00 - 08:00 Holiday eves: 13:00 - 08:00 Yom Kippur eve: 13:00 - 08:00

The national park is closed on Yom Kippur

Contact us

08-6811020, details on activities and tours can be obtained from the Central District Training Unit at 08-6220835

Email: Fax: ‎08-6812957 Instagram of Nature and Parks Authority

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    The Bell Caves

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  • observation points and signage for the visually impaired.

    The Crafts Courtyard

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    The Sidonian Cave Square

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  • special visual aids for the visually impaired.

  • People with considerable mobility impairments are advised to visit with a companion.

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Getting there
How to get here

Opposite Kibbutz Bet Guvrin, on the Bet Shemesh – Kiryat Gat road.

Road 35 divides the national park into two areas – south and north. In the southern area is Tel Maresha and its caves, and in the northern area – the remains of settlements from Roman and Crusader times.

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