Hai Ramon 鈥 live desert park

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Meet Hai Ramon

Hai Ramon is a living desert park where small animals that play an important role in the desert ecosystem can be seen in their natural habitat, animals that you wouldn鈥檛 ordinarily encounter on a hike.
There is also a botanical garden here with six different habitants typical of the Negev Highlands. Part of the garden serves as a refuge garden for endangered species.

Hai Ramon 鈥 live desert park

Here is a fascinating encounter with the small animals of the desert, the majority of which hide and are concealed from our eyes. About 40 species are represented on the site, among them: lizards, snakes, turtles, porcupines, hedgehogs, falcons, sand rats (gerbils) and more. The animals are in enclosures which simulate their natural environment. With the help of the animals we can learn about their unique habitat and the biological and behavioral adaptations that enable them to live in a desert environment. The purpose of the Hay Ramon is to raise awareness of the preservation of nature.Around the desert park there is a botanical garden of desert plants, representing six different habitats typical of the Negev with the vegetation characteristic of each one. A shelter for species of endangered plants is presently being established within the park.


Hai Ramon

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                                        Entrance to the visitors center is by reservation only. Museum entrance closes one hour before time cited below                                    
Summer hours: Sunday鈥揟hursday and Saturday: 17:00 - 08:00 Friday and holiday eves: 16:00 - 08:00 Winter hours: Sunday鈥揟hursday and Saturday: 16:00 - 08:00 Friday and holiday eves: 15:00 - 08:00 Holiday eves: 13:00 - 08:00 Yom Kippur eve: 13:00 - 08:00
  • Entry will be permitted only upon showing confirmation of reservation and only at the time shown.
  • If evening activities are planned, opening hours will be adjusted accordingly. Please make an appropriate reservation in the reservation system
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At Hai Ramon the following elements have been made accessible parking, visitor service center, toilet, shaded picnic area, concrete loop trail in the botanical garden, animal display, classrooms, including captions on the explanatory film, directional, identification, and informational signage.

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Additional activities at the site

Find the fat sand rat:

A new experience for the whole family at Hai Ramon. Discover and learn through an interactive game

using a special app on your smartphone.

A fun game of tasks for the whole family that will take you to the special world of desert plants and animals.

The games are at various levels; ask the park staff for their recommendation.

Ferguson鈥檚 guide to nature 鈥 the traveling exhibition has reached Hai Ramo

In honor of the artist Walter Ferguson, a unique outdoor exhibit is on display at Hai Ramon, including replicas of his works. They afford a peek at the artist鈥檚 world and his works 鈥 a rare natural treasure of meticulous paintings combining art and science.

The artist Walter Ferguson devoted his life to realistically painting the living world, in many cases a world that is disappearing.

To Ferguson, painting the image of an animal required knowing its way of life, behavior and anatomy.

Ferguson鈥檚 skills led him to work in the Zoology Department at Tel Aviv University, illustrating a variety of animals and assisting the department鈥檚 researchers to present their findings through precise and clear scientific illustrations.

We invite you to enjoy the artist鈥檚 wonderful work.

Activities inHai Ramon
Getting there

Turn left at HaElah Street in Mitspe Ramon, following the signs.

Arrive via the part of Highway 40 between Beer Sheva and Eilat, and follow the signs at the entrance to Mitspe Ramon.

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Adult 鈧 22.00
Child 鈧 9.00
Adult in group 鈧 19.00
Child in group 鈧 8.00
Student 鈧 19.00
Israeli senior citizen 鈧 11.00



activities inHai Ramon

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