Meet En Avdat National Park

At the foot of Midreshet Ben Gurion, the Tsin Stream has carved out a deep and impressive canyon. Three springs feed a brook that flows all year round, and an enchanted oasis. En Avdat โ€“ the kingdom of ibex and vultures.


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Last entry to the long trail at 2:30 PM. Last entry to the short trail at 3:30 PM. On Fridays last entry is one hour earlier. Exit the site by 5 PM and on Friday by 4 PM.



Points of interest

  • En Avdat waterfall: a flowing waterfall, and at its feet, a glorious pool in the watercourse.
  • Monks’ caves: in the Byzantine period the caves were used by monks seeking seclusion, and they overlook the canyon.
  • Euphrates poplar grove: a large and impressive grove of Euphrates poplars, trees whose main distribution in Israel is along the River Jordan. The poplars are particularly beautiful in their yellow fall shades in winter.
  • En Ma’arif lookout point: Looking out over the head of the canyon.

En Avdat National Park

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On Road 40 (Beersheba โ€“ Mitspe Ramon). The lower entrance to En Avdat is close to the Ben Gurion family grave and Midreshet Sde Boker. The upper entrance is some 5 km south.

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