En Gedi Nature Reserve

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Meet En Gedi Nature Reserve

En Gedi is the biggest oasis in Israel. It has springs and waterfalls, and flowing brooks at the foot of the cliffs, home to ibexes and rock hyraxes.

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Please note:

The En Gedi Nature Reserve is divided into three parts:ย Wadi David Trailย |ย Wadi Arugot Trail |ย En Gedi Antiquities National Park.

  • Visits to the David Stream and the Arugot Stream trails must be reserved separately.
  • The entry ticket to each of these areas is good for same-day entry to all three of the other areas.
  • No reservation is necessary to visit the antiquities site. If you choose to visit only the antiquities site, purchase your ticket at that entrance for that area only.

โ€‹Main points of interest

  • David Waterfall โ€“ a year-round waterfall along the course of the David Stream, to which there is access by a hiking trail, for all the family.
  • Arugot Stream โ€“a hiking trail for good walkers runs along the length of the stream, which flows all year round, to the Hidden Waterfall and the pools at the head of the stream.
  • The Oasis Trail – ย a foot trail connecting the David Stream, the Arugot Stream, and the En Gedi Antiquities. The trail is a comfortable walk, and the part between the David Stream and En Gedi Antiquities National Park is accessible. Along the trail you can read and learn about the special natural abundance in this area. Among other things youโ€™ll find out about the flora and fauna, invasive species and sinkholes. And of course, youโ€™ll see the rich plant life with your own eyes and may meet animals along the way as well
  • En Gedi Spring โ€“ rises in the mountainside, and sustains abundant vegetation. By the spring are the remains of an ancient flour mill.
  • Dudim Cave โ€“ a small and intimate cave at the head of the David Waterfall.
    The Chalcolithic temple โ€“ the ruins of an ancient temple, close to En Gedi Spring. The temple is attributed to the Chalcolithic period (over 5,000 years ago), and attracted the faithful from the surrounding area.
  • The Dry Canyon โ€“ a section of the David Stream (above the spring) in which there are depressions that fill up after the floods, and an impressive lookout – the Window Waterfall. For experienced hikers only.
  • En Gedi Ascent โ€“ 5 steep trails climbing up from the En Gedi oasis to the Judean Desert plateau: Mt Yishay Ascent, En Gedi Ascent (an ancient path that some consider to be the Tsits Ascent mentioned in II Chronicles 20:16), the Bney Ha’Moshavim Ascent, the Essene Ascent (an ancient Roman path), and Tsruya Ascent. All are for experienced hikers only, and not for hiking during the summer or on very hot days.
  • Tel Goren โ€“ the remains of the ancient settlement at En Gedi. The mound was found to contain the remains of settlement from the Iron Age (the Biblical period), the Persian period, the Hellenistic period, and the Roman period.
  • Monument commemorating the seven Hashomer Ha’Tsair cadets and the Palmach fighter who fell in the bonfire disaster during a hike to Masada at the time of the British Mandate.

En Gedi Nature Reserve

Useful Information
Opening Hours

                                        Reserve entrance closes one hour before cited closing time. Last entry to Wadi Arugot: 14:00                                    
Summer hours: Sundayโ€“Thursday and Saturday: 17:00 - 08:00 Friday and holiday eves: 16:00 - 08:00 Winter hours: Sundayโ€“Thursday and Saturday: 16:00 - 08:00 Friday and holiday eves: 15:00 - 08:00 Holiday eves: 13:00 - 08:00 Yom Kippur eve: 13:00 - 08:00

Please note:

  • Visitors must exit the gate by closing time due to considerations of nature conservation.
  • We recommend you check out the brochure and the site map to plan your visit Click here
Contact us
Phone: 08-6584285David Streamโ€Ž 08-6584285, Archeology Ein Gediโ€Ž 08-9170586, Arugot Streamโ€Ž 08-6118860 Email: : Fax: โ€Ž 08-6520228 Reservation Center: 08-6584285David Streamโ€Ž 08-6584285, Archeology Ein Gediโ€Ž 08-9170586, Arugot Streamโ€Ž 08-6118860 Instagram of Nature and Parks Authority

The main entrance to the site

  • Parking

  • entrance area

  • visitor service station

  • accessible restroom

Nahal David Stream

A section of the Nahal David Reserve includes:

  • wheelchair accessible trails

  • resting and observation areas

  • an audio station

  • an observation point with a view of the “Olympic” pool waterfall

    The trail is about half a kilometer long, and is designed and built to blend with the desert view. People can enjoy resting under the shade of acacia trees with ibexes and hyraxes nearby.


  • The parking at the gate

  • movement through the archeological site on foot on well-paved paths

  • A shaded accessible path to the antiquities for people with mobility impairments and accessible observation points

  • a service station for visitors

  • picnic areas

  • accessible restrooms

  • all reachable via paved paths

    We recommend that people with mobility impairments visit with a companion.

Important Information:

Service animals are not permitted in the En Gedi Nature Reserve. Animals may be left in a cage at the reserve entrance for the duration of the visit

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Entry for dogs

No entry for dogs

Other attractions

  • Kiosk

  • Souvenir shop

Getting there
How to get there

Along Road 90 (Dead Sea), approx. 1 km north of Kibbutz En Gedi.

In Waze, type: En Gedi Nature Reserve

Reserving a visit to En Gedi Nature Reserve

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Adult โ‚ช 28.00
Child โ‚ช 14.00
Adult in group โ‚ช 24.00
Child in group โ‚ช 12.00
Student โ‚ช 24.00
Israeli senior citizen โ‚ช 14.00
Synagogue โ€“ adult โ‚ช 14.00
Synagogue โ€“ child โ‚ช 7.00
Synagogue โ€“ adult in group โ‚ช 13.00
Synagogue โ€“ child in group โ‚ช 6.00
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Synagogue โ€“ Israeli senior citizen โ‚ช 7.00