En Gedi Antiquities National Park

Photo: Arieh Berti

Meet En Gedi Antiquities National Park

Near the entrance to Israel’s largest and most popular oasis, the En Gedi Nature Reserve, hides the ancient synagogue of En Gedi, the jewel in the crown of En Gedi’s antiquities.

Important Update:

If you’re planning to visit Arugot Wadi, please note that only the shorter path to the lower pools is currently open. The route takes approximately 45 minutes, so be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes. Unfortunately, the hidden waterfall and upper pools are closed until further notice.

Please Note:

The En Gedi Nature Reserve is divided into three parts: Wadi David Trail | Wadi Arugot Trail | En Gedi Antiquities area.

  • Visits to the David Stream and the Arugot Stream trails must be reserved separately.
  • The entry ticket to each of these areas is good for same-day entry to all three of the other areas.
  • No reservation is necessary to visit the En Gedi Antiquities site. If you choose to visit only the antiquities site, purchase your ticket at that entrance for that area only.

​Main points of interest

  • The ancient, sixth-century CE synagogue with its mosaic floor, is one of the most impressive in Israel.
  • Escape space: In the footsteps of balsam perfume:

For hundreds of years the inhabitants of En Gedi produced the highest quality and costliest perfume in the ancient world. Balsam perfume anointed the kings of Israel and Judah, served in Temple rituals and was marketed throughout the Roman Empire
Help archaeologists once again discover the secret of how this wondrous scent was produced, a secret that vanished over the years, while trying to avoid the terrible curse inscribed in the ancient synagogue mosaic.

  • The Oasis Trail –  a foot trail connecting the David Stream, the Arugot Stream, and the En Gedi Antiquities. The trail is a comfortable walk, and the part between the David Stream and En Gedi Antiquities National Park is accessible. Along the trail you can read and learn about the special natural abundance in this area. Among other things you’ll find out about the flora and fauna, invasive species and sinkholes. And of course, you’ll see the rich plant life with your own eyes and may meet animals along the way as well.

En Gedi Antiquities National Park

Useful Information
Opening Hours

Summer hours:

Sunday–Thursday and Saturday: 17:00 – 08:00
Friday and holiday eves: 16:00 – 08:00

Winter hours:

Sunday–Thursday and Saturday: 16:00 – 08:00
Friday and holiday eves: 15:00 – 08:00

Holiday eves: 13:00 – 08:00
Yom Kippur eve: 13:00 – 08:00

  • Reserve entrance closes one hour before cited closing time
  • To play the escape space game – in the footsteps of the secret of balsam perfume – please reserve – Click here. Entry only after showing confirmation of reservation and only at the time noted.
Contact us


Email: Instagram of Nature and Parks Authority

The ancient synagogue and the mosaic floor are fully accessible.

Entry For Dogs


escape space

For more information – Click here

Activities inEn Gedi Antiquities National Park
Getting there

En Gedi Antiquities National Park is located on Road 90, just north of Kibbutz En Gedi and south of the David Stream

In Waze, type:
Entrance fees
Type Fee
Adult ₪ 14.00
Child ₪ 7.00
Adult in group ₪ 13.00
Child in group ₪ 6.00
Student ₪ 12.00
Israeli senior citizen ₪ 7.00

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