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At Herodium, King Herod challenged the forces of nature. In the first century BCE, the great builder created one of the most daring structures of the ancient world.

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Main points of interest

  • Lower Herodium – a complex that includes the ruins of the palace, a large pool, bath house, and buildings from the time of Herod. It can be seen from the path going up to the top of Herodium.
  • Mt Herod – a partly man-made mountain, on which are the remains of Herod’s splendid palace, bath house, and fortifications, including a double fortification wall and sturdy towers.
  • Herod’s tomb – the remains of Herod’s tomb, built on the outer slope of the hill, facing Jerusalem.
  • Theatre – a small theatre seating 400. The theatre was apparently used for entertaining guests at the palace, and had a private box embellished with sumptuous decorations, apparently intended for the king and his guests.
  • Escape tunnels – escape tunnels, cisterns and caves carved out by the Bar Kochba rebels.

Herodium Park

Useful Information
Opening Hours

                                        Entrance to the park closes one hour before cited closing time                                    
Summer hours: Sundayโ€“Thursday and Saturday: 17:00 - 08:00 Friday and holiday eves: 16:00 - 08:00 Winter hours: Sundayโ€“Thursday and Saturday: 16:00 - 08:00 Friday and holiday eves: 15:00 - 08:00 Holiday eves: 13:00 - 08:00 Yom Kippur eve: 13:00 - 08:00
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  • An entrance and parking complex

  • scenic observation points from the site lobby

  • a model of the hill is located in the site’s lobby

  • movie with subtitles

  • souvenir store

  • the antiquities are not accessible for people with disabilities.

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Other attractions

  • Kiosk and gift shop

  • Guided tours every Friday and Saturday at 12 noon

  • Close view of the tomb, access path to the area of Herod’s tomb and lookout over the Herodian theatre

Getting there
Coming from Jerusalem

Before the entrance to the Har Homa neighborhood, take the second exit at the traffic circle, drive about 7 km along Road 398 from Har Homa towards Tekoa-Nokdim, and turn left 2 km before Tekoa junction, following signs to Herodium up to the parking lot.

Coming from the center for the country, from HaEla junction

Follow Road 375 to Beitar Ilite, continue on Road 60 to Efrat junction, and from there take Road 3157 and then Road 356 towards Tekoa-Nokdim.

Alternative route from HaEla junction

Take Road 367 to Gush Etsyon junction, turn north towards Efrat and continue east on Road 3157 to a T-junction. Turn north-east to Road 356 to Herodium junction, which is about 2 km after Tekoa junction.

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