Meshushim Stream Nature Reserve

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Meet Yahudiya Nature Reserve โ€“ Meshushim stream

The Meshushim Stream in the Yehudiya Nature Reserve offers visitors breathtaking views of deep basalt canyons with pools and bubbling cascades, fascinating geological phenomena, and flower-filled meadows.

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Main points of interest

  • The Meshushim Pool โ€“ this enchanting pool is the main point of interest for visitors to the nature reserve. It is a large pool (around 20 x 30 m) surrounded by a cliff made up of numerous hexagonal basalt pillars. The hexagonal pillars, standing vertically around the sides of the pool, are a uniquely beautiful natural sight. This phenomenon is caused by flowing streams of molten lava that has cooled and, in a slow process, formed basalt rocks. When the lava solidifies very slowly and without interruption, the shape it forms is a hexagon.

The path to the pool winds among the Mt. Tabor oaks. The descent takes approximately 20 minutes. Ascent from the pool to the entrance plaza by the same path takes about 30 minutes. Before reaching the edge of the pool, turn upstream to the little bridge that crosses the stream, from which you can watch the water gushing through the narrow ravine.

  • The Lookout trail – this short, circular trail offers a breathtaking view of the Yehudiya nature reserve and the Golan Heights. From the observation terraces you can see the Meshushim and Zavitan streams as they burrow their way across the level plains dotted with Mt Tabor oaks, and carpeted with flowers in the spring. From the lookout points along the path you can see eastward to the Golan, Mt Hermon, the volcanic peaks, and the border with Syria. The trail is about 10 to 15 minutes long, and is suitable for baby buggies and wheelchairs.
  • The Dolmen trail – a short, circular route that leads to the dolmen, a structure made of a large, uncut basalt boulder placed over other, smaller rocks. In fact, this is a large burial mound built by the Bronze Age residents of the Golan. Hundreds of dolmens of different types can be found scattered across the central and northern Golan Heights. From the dolmen, the path goes on to join the Lookout trail.
  • The Stream trail – this is a trail for hikers wanting to walk to the Meshushim Pool along the watercourse of the flowing stream, which gets progressively deeper. The trail crosses the stream, and the route includes climbing the escarpment on the eastern bank of the stream, using handholds. Walking along this trail to the pool takes 45 minutes.
  • From the Meshushim Stream to the Zavitan Stream – this long and challenging trail is only suitable for very good hikers, and takes six hours or more to complete. The trail leads to the Meshushim Pool, crosses the Meshushim Stream, and ascends to the ridge separating it from the Zavitan Stream. After crossing the ridge, through a park forest of Mt Tabor oaks, the trail leads down steeply to the lower Zavitan Stream. From here, it is possible to climb the eastern bank of the stream bed to the Yehudiya campground, or continue to walk along the stream for another two hours, through more pools, and then ascend to the campground.

Yahudiya Nature Reserve โ€“ Meshushim stream

Useful Information
Opening Hours
Summer hours: Sundayโ€“Thursday and Saturday: 17:00 - 08:00 Friday and holiday eves: 16:00 - 08:00 Winter hours: Sundayโ€“Thursday and Saturday: 16:00 - 08:00 Friday and holiday eves: 15:00 - 08:00 Holiday eves: 13:00 - 08:00 Yom Kippur eve: 13:00 - 08:00

Please note

  • Visitors may enter the pool trail up to two hours and 30 minutes
    before site closing time.
  • The reserve entrance closes one hour before marked closing time.”
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Other attractions

The entrance plaza, washrooms, shaded seating area, changing rooms, information center, and kiosk.

Getting there
How to get here

The entrance to the reserve is from road 888, along an unpaved road north of Had Nes, at the end of which is a parking lot. This is the start of the lookout trails and the descent to the Meshushim Pool.

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