Mount Carmel National Park and Nature Reserve


Meet Mount Carmel Nature Reserve and National Park

“Thy head upon thee is like Carmel”, said the poet in the Song of Songs, and indeed, since early times the Carmel has been a byword for beauty.

points of interest

  • Hiking trails and sites
  • Campgrounds for recreation in the heart of nature


Selected trails and sites

Carmel Hay-Bar nature reserve: A nature reserve for breeding animals in danger of extinction or which have become extinct in the area, and returning them into the wild. The Hay-Bar maintains breeding cells of Persian fallow deer (Dama mesopotamica) and roe deer (capreolus capreolus), vultures and other raptors. The nature reserve is open to visitors on Saturdays and holidays, and to groups on other days, by advance reservation.

Horshat HaArbaim: A 1.5 km circular trail. On the way it passes by ancient oak trees and lookout points with a vista of Haifa Bay.

Kelah Stream (“Little Switzerland”): A 3 km circular trail through woodland and cliff landscapes. The path passes alongside a large geological notch, one of the symbols of the Carmel. Persian fallow-deer have been released into the wild in this area.

The Etsba Ridge and Etsba cave: A 3 km circular trail through a woodland landscape, with beautiful vistas of the Carmel coastal plain, and a visit to the Etsba cave. Part of the path overlaps the route of the Israel Trail.

Sfunim Stream and Megadim Cliff: A 4 km trail passing by a large cave, through low-growing woodlands, and a view of the Carmel coastal plain from the top of Megadim Cliff. The path includes a very steep, but short incline.

Carmel Horn (Keren Hacarmel, Muhraka) Monastery: A visit to the Carmelite monastery where, according to tradition, the Prophet Elijah proved to the people that he was a true prophet, and not a prophet of Baal. From the roof of the monastery there is a splendid view of the northern valleys, Kishon Stream, Ramat Menashe, and the Galilee hills. Entry is for a nominal fee.

From Hurvat Kerah to Keren Hacarmel: A 3 km non-circular trail. The path passes by the remains of a Byzantine-era settlement, continues through well-developed woodlands, and ends at the Carmel Horn (Muhraka) Monastery.

Nahal Me’arot nature reserve: Declared in 2012 as a World Heritage Site on the UNESCO list, there are prehistoric caves in the nature reserve that illustrate the life of prehistoric man. In Me’arat HaNahal there is an audio-visual spectacle. An entry fee is charged.

Yagur Stream: A 5 km non-circular path from Ussefiya to Kibbutz Yagur, for good hikers. Along the way is a series of rockfalls (handholds have been installed in the high falls).

Nesher Stream: A 2.5 km non-circular trail through developed woodland. The trail ends at Nof Carmel Road.

Neder Stream and Galim Stream: An 8 km circular trail for good hikers. The path goes down along Neder Stream to visit En Kedem spring, up along Galim Stream, and ends up near its starting point in Tlalim campground, by Haifa University (paid parking on Saturdays).

From Alon Stream to the Agam campground: A 5 km non-circular trail. The path goes down through woodland to the Alon Valley, with its tuff rocks, enters Oren Stream, passes by En Alon spring, and ends in the Agam campground.

Oren Stream: A 6 km non-circular trail. The path starts at the ancient quarries, descends along the banks of Oren Stream through notches in the rock until it reaches the stream course, and ends at the Pit’hat Nahal Oren campground.

Memorial to the victims of the Carmel fire disaster: An impressive memorial, to the south of the road going up to Bet Oren (Road 721), in memory of the 44 people who died in the fire that broke out on the Carmel in 2010. From the memorial, a marked trail goes down to Mishmar Hacarmel Farm (Khirbet Shelaleh) and the Oren Stream.

Selected campgrounds

Hiking trails set out from all the campgrounds. There is an entrance fee for some of the campgrounds at the weekend. It is not permitted to stay in the Little Switzerland and Tsuk campgrounds after dark.

Pit’hat Nahal Oren campground: Access is from Road 721, by Road 4. This is a large campground, and is the gateway to the Carmel from the coast road. From this campground, a path goes up to the Etsba cave. An entry fee is charged on Saturdays. The campground is accessible to people with disabilities.

Agam Campground: Access is from Road 721, at the Oren Stream bridge. From the large campground a path leads to an artificial lake, and then on to En Alon spring.

Rekit Campground: Access is from Road 721, along the road to Carmel Forest Hotel. A small circular trail leads to the ruins of a synagogue and an impressive burial cave, decorated with two rosettes and with Greek inscriptions. Among the ruins are the remains of a settlement from Roman and Byzantine times, including quarrying, a storage pond, and an olive press. The campground is accessible to people with disabilities.

Mishmar Hacarmel Farm: A regulated overnight campground intended for groups. It has a capacity of 800 people. The campground has showers with hot and cold water, a washroom building, washroom facilities for the disabled, wooden tables, and telephone charging cells. There is a fee for overnight camping. For reservations: Tel: 04-8220005, email:

Little Switzerland campground and Tsuk campground: Access is from Road 672, to the south of Haifa University. Starting point for hiking trails along Kelach-Galim Stream. Daytime campgrounds, overnight stays are not allowed.

Hagana Hill campground: Access from Road 672 to the north of Damon Junction. Magnificent view of Haifa Bay and the Sulam Ridge.

Mt Alon campground: Access from Road 672 to the east of Damon Junction. The Alon Stream trail starts out from the campground.

Foresters’ Forest campground: A spacious campground at the entrance to Nof Carmel Road. Access is from Road 7212 going down to Nesher.

Israel Trail campground: A small campground in the heart of a grove at the intersection of Nof Carmel Road and the Israel Trail.


Mount Carmel Nature Reserve and National Park

Useful Information
Opening Hours

The Carmel Park picnic areas are open to visitors and hikers all week.

For groups, events and commercial activities, please reserve and arrange payment with the park office: 04-8228983.

Getting there
How to get here

From Road 4 (the old Tel Aviv โ€“ Haifa road), eastward through Oren Junction. From Road 70 (Fureidis โ€“ Yokne’am) westward to Elyakim intersection and the town of Nesher, towards the University.

City bus lines 22, 37, 24 from Haifa or 137 from Haifa to Bet Oren.

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Entrance fees Campground Fees
Type Fee Remarks
Minibus โ‚ช 120.00
Bus โ‚ช 240.00
Private car โ‚ช 36.00
Type Fee Remarks
Adult โ‚ช 53.00
Child โ‚ช 42.00
Subscription โ€“ adult โ‚ช 38.00
Subscription โ€“ child โ‚ช 32.00
Student โ‚ช 30.00
Group leadersโ€™ room โ‚ช 450.00