Palmahim Beach National Park

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Meet Palmahim Beach National Park

Hof Palmahim National Park is well known to beach lovers as a vacation and recreation site, but it is also a nature site, conserving the natural seashore, coastal kurkar ridge, and wandering dunes. The national park also includes Tel Yavne-Yam.


Hof Palmahim National Park was declared in 2003, and covers an area of 221 dunams, with three main components:

  1. The western kurkar ridge, a habitat with globally unique features that have enabled special and rare species of plants and animals to develop.
  2. One of the last remaining stretches of seashore in Israel that is still in its natural state. The seashore is home to many plants and animals, and also forms part of the habitat of the sea turtle, a species that is in danger of extinction throughout the Mediterranean basin.
  3. The remains of the ancient port city of Yavne-Yam. These are the ruins of a city from the Middle Canaanite period, surrounded by vast ramparts built in the Middle Bronze Age On the peninsular jutting into the sea are remains from First Temple times, as well as from the Persian, Hellenistic, Roman and Crusader periods.
    At the site ancient waterworks and agricultural apparatus have been excavated, alongside the flowering sea daffodils and other typical coastal vegetation.

In addition to its importance in terms of both natural and human heritage, the sandy shore is a focus of attraction for many visitors and tourists as a free and attractive coastal strip in central Israel.

To the east of the sandy shore is a kurkar cliff. The estuary of the Soreq stream is to the north, part of the Soreq Stream Estuary National Park.


Palmahim Beach National Park

Useful Information
Opening Hours
Summer hours: Sundayโ€“Thursday and Saturday: 20:00 - 04:00

Lifeguard activity HOURS

Lifeguard is on duty all week (including Saturday: 08:00โ€“17:00)
Mayโ€“June 19: Sun.โ€“Fri. 08:00โ€“18:00
Saturday 07:00โ€“19:00
September Sun.โ€“Fri. 08:00โ€“18:00
October until October 14: Sun.โ€“Fri. 08:00โ€“17:00
Saturday 07:00โ€“19:00
Saturday 08:00โ€“17:00″

Beach: Monthly activity: April|May|June|July|August|September|October
Contact us

08-6220835. For details about activities and tours for groups only, call the Central Region guiding unit, tel. 03-7265633

Email: Fax: โ€Ž03-7263902 Instagram of Nature and Parks Authority
Entry for dogs

Dogs may be brought in under the following conditions:

  1. On a leash and with a muzzle the whole time, as required by Israeli law

  2. Dogs may not be brought onto the regulated bathing beach (the marked area 75 meters on either side of the lifeguard’s post). This area can be bypassed to the north and south.

  3. Dog owners must clean up after their dogs.

Files to download
Other attractions

  • Visitors center

  • Chair hire

  • Sale of sunshades

  • Shaded areas on the regulated beach

  • Picnic tables

  • Lifeguard services during bathing season

  • First aid clinic โ€“ during bathing season

  • Locker hire, including USB charger for cellphones โ€“ NIS 10 per day

  • Beach showers and toilets

Getting there
โ€‹How to get here

Turn off Road 4 at Gan Rave intersection, and from there to En HaKore intersection. Continue westward on Road 4311 to the very end. A few hundred meters after Kibbutz Palmahim (a good point for GPS), you will reach the shore. On the way, you pass by the Soreq Stream Estuary National Park.

The reference point of Hof Palmahim National Park is: 71709/648123

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Entrance fees
Type Fee Remarks
Private car โ‚ช 25.00
Minibus โ‚ช 50.00
Bus โ‚ช 50.00
Private car โ‚ช 30.00
Minibus โ‚ช 60.00
Bus โ‚ช 60.00