Campground reservations

The Israel Nature and Parks Authority is happy to host you at our campgrounds!

When the sun goes down, the magic begins

Discover the magic at any of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority campgrounds from the north all the way down south, for the perfect overnight experience under a star-studded sky.

At each of these well-equipped campgrounds you can enjoy an unforgettable experience:
Sing along with a guitar around the campfire, cooking together, quality time with kids, friends or partner, star-gazing instead of screen-gazing and of course, communing with nature.
So why wait?
Chose a campground, make a reservation and have a great time!

Campgrounds from south to north:
In the south: Hai Bar Yotvata, Be’erot, Tel Arad, Mamshit, Masada West, Eshkol.
In the center: Yarkon Sources, Ashkelon, Castel.
In the north: Akhziv, Horshat Tal, Mishmar HaCarmel, Gan HaShlosha (Sakhne), Nahal Amud, Yehiam Fortress and Kokhav Hayarden.

  • Camping is by reservation only through the online reservation system.
  • Payment for camping is at the cashier’s booth when you arrive at the campground. Please present your credit card and reservation number.

Dogs are not allowed at any of the campgrounds.

To reserve space at a campground – click on the desired campground ⬇️


Can we bring a dog into the campground?
Dogs are not allowed in the campground
Can we rent equipment?

Mattresses may be rented when making your reservation through the reservation system, at NIS 10 per night per person. Supplies are limited.

What are the options for overnight camping at the campgrounds?

Camping in your own tent, family tent, RV camping, staff rooms, lean-tos, bungalows, tukuls, large tents.
Options vary from one campground to another. Check the available options on the page of the desired campground.

Can I barbecue?

You can use the barbeque equipment at the campground or bring your own for use in authorized areas.

What time can I check in at the campground?

Check-in time appears on the web page of the desired campground.

Can I arrive at the campground before 3 P.M.?

You’ll need to coordinate a visit on the website – click here

Will a particular spot be reserved for me at the campground?

The campground doesn’t reserve specific spots for specific nights. After you check in, you can set up in an available authorized spot.

How do we reserve space at a campground?

Overnight stays at the campground require a reservation via the reservation system on the INPA website.

How do we pay for the reservation?

Payment is at the cashier’s booth when you arrive at the campground. At Hurshat Tal and Akhziv, payment is on departure.
Please present your credit card or cash and reservation number at the cashier’s booth when you check in. The credit card information in the reservation system is for security if the reservation is cancelled not in keeping with cancellation policy.
Please note: Debit cards are not accepted when making a reservation because the charge is immediately deducted.

What if there are no results for the campground and date I chose?

If there are no results it means that the campground is full on the date you chose, or the makeup of your group does not suit the options.

Please note: In guest units, mark a minimum of two nights on weekends to open the option of making a reservation if space is available.

What campgrounds have space available?

Check each campground for available space on your preferred date

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