The algae with healing properties

Author name: Noy Shapira

These days, when we are dealing with significant questions about the effects of the new Corona virus (COVID-19), medical solutions seem more necessary than ever.

האצה בעלת סגולות המרפא
האצה בעלת סגולות המרפא, Microscopic image of a red micro-algae of the species Hematococcus pluvialis with healing properties.

Since the dawn of time, the sea has been a source of healing for people. Many studies show the beneficial effects of the sea on human well-being, ranging from a positive effect on mental health, to healing incurable diseases.

One interesting example is the red algae Haematococcus pluvialis. These algae have a special pigment that protects them from the sun’s radiation. The pigment, called astaxanthin, has been shown to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects in people. In Israel, the Seakura aquaculture company combined the pigment with curcumin made from turmeric root. The joint compound is an innovative dietary supplement, called red curcumin, which is said to strengthen the immune system in many vital ways.

Today, we are aware of many discoveries in the sea that help us develop new medical solutions. Who knows, maybe we will find an answer to the Corona virus from a clever marine mechanism? Until then, build up your immune system. What is certain is that the better we protect our marine natural resources, the more sustainable they will be, allowing a healthy ecosystem both for the sea and for humanity.

Translate by Daphna Shapiro Goldberg