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Author name: Yigael Ben Ari 30/03/2020

"Notes from the Fieldโ€


Hello everyone ,

These days we are all off of our normal routine. Our priorities have suddenly shifted. Things that we took for granted like a handshake, getting up for work, having a meeting, walking to the sea or the pool, have become distant memories and have lost their relevance. Similarly, we are reexamining the relationship between people and nature. A relationship which during the normal course of our lives sometimes seems insignificant, non-committal, taken for grantedโ€ฆthis connection to nature is suddenly in the limelight, raising many questions, not all of which have clear answers.

Maybe when this is all over, we will respect and protect this relationship better. We will dutifully fulfill our part of the unwritten agreement.

Especially now, I feel how much the sea is critical to my emotional and physical health. I hope we get through this crisis quickly, and without casualties or at least with minimal damage.

After much thought and consultation, we decided not to stop production, and to issue this newsletter on time, with the hope that we will at least help anyone stuck at home who longs to get their feet wet and moisten their gills, even if only virtually.

In addition to the regular articles, we included two new authors, experienced and skilled men of the sea: Guy Cohen, an open water marathon swimmer who competes at a global level, and has already successful faced some great swimming challenges, shares with us a bit about this unique sport; and Aviv Eshed, a former navy diver and freediving guide, also shares with us a bit of the heart and soul of this unusual profession that has become his way of life.

You will also find in this issue information on spawning seasons, recruitment season, and fishing regulations. This year, unlike years past, the Fishing Department has issued more complex fishing bans that take into account breeding seasons, fishing methods, various species of fish, and catch limits. We have summarized these for you in a clear and concise manner.

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In hope for better days,
Yigael Ben Ari


Translated byย Daphna Shapiro Goldberg