3 must hike trails in Israel


Dear hikers, grab your water bottles and cameras, because you’re in for a real treat, exploring this great country of ours like never before.

Tel Dan Manu Tel Dan. Photo Credit: Manu Grinspan

Whether you’re local or just travelling across the country as a tourist, you haven’t truly experienced all the stunning beauty of Israel unless you’ve hiked some of these gorgeous natural treasures.

Here are three of the most thrilling and breathtaking hiking trail sites in Israel that will surely turn out to be some of the most unforgettable hikes of your life.

En Gedi Nature Reserve

This magnificent nature reserve is by far Israel’s biggest oasis and a definitive “must-visit” while travelling across the country. This wonderful oasis in the middle of the desert offers several very enjoyable hiking trails, stunning views, streams, waterfalls, exciting wildlife, and even a bit of biblical history.

Located in the Judean Wilderness on the eastern shore of the Dead Sea (about an hour outside of Jerusalem), this gorgeous nature reserve encompasses 3,500 acres and features year-round flowing streams.

Ein Gedi Nature Reserve. Photo Credit: Manu Grinspan

This site is also considered as one of the most amazing hiking expeditions that you can experience on your trip to Israel, mainly for the unique and diverse beauty of the desert and the springs. Don’t miss out on Arugot Stream – a hiking trail along the length of the stream that will lead you to a hidden waterfall and several pools. The main trails are paved for most of the way but make sure you wear good hiking shoes nevertheless.

Masada National Park

Here’s one of Israel’s most stunning archaeological sites and an absolute “must-see”. From it’s Wonderful views of the desert and the dead sea to the legend behind it, everything about this mountaintop fortress screams “come visit”!

Located just a mere 20 min. drive off the dead sea, this site is a such a major historical, religious, and archaeological find that is a joy to explore. This mighty fortress built by King Herod the Great offers you and your loved ones a chance to experience the amazing history of Masada first hand while enjoying the magnificent views of Jordan and the Dead Sea.

There are several ways you can storm the fortress. You can either travel by cable car that will take you all the way to the top (for an easy and quick ride) or, in case you’re up for the challenge, climb up the fort through the Snake Path. Make sure you begin your walk before dawn so you will not miss out on the breathtaking sunrise over the Moab Mountains. By all accounts, this extraordinary site offers a truly surreal and a one of its kind experience.

Tel Dan Nature Reserve

Treat yourselves to a wondrous nature reserve that is nothing short of a magnificent little piece of heaven, full of history and beauty. This site, located in northern Israel (near Kiryat Shmona) isn’t only a rare and exquisite archaeological treasure but it is also one of Israel’s most stunning natural attractions.

The Dan river, originating from the springs at Tel Dan, is the largest of three sources of the Jordan river and this site (covering a total area of 120 acres) has a variety of walks you can take through the reserve while enjoying its beautiful waters streams and treetops. The longest route is the most thrilling one, for it combines antiquities with gorgeous natural sights. All these paths will ultimately lead you to a pool where the river has its source. There’s a total of four nature trails that crosses water channels amid big forest trees and a flourishing plantation.

This site is also famous for its incredible archaeological excavations, offering a unique exploration of both an ancient Canaanite civilization (about 4,000 years ago) and the Israelite tribe of Dan. These ancient ruins are truly amazing and will give you a new perspective on the historic events that took place in the Northern Kingdom.