Mosaic Ceremonies

Extraordinary celebrations with our Mosaic Ceremonies

מצדה בר מצווה. חגי דבירl (1)
Photo: Hagay Dvir

Whether you’re celebrating a Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Chuppah, or any significant milestone, the Israel Nature and Parks Authority offers an unmatched opportunity to turn your occasion into a genuinely unforgettable celebration.

Moments that Last a Lifetime

With Mosaic Ceremonies, your event transcends the typical. Dive deep into an atmosphere rich in heritage, embraced by nature, and echoing with centuries-old traditions. This experience is ideal for families seeking more than just a routine gathering, aiming for a deeply meaningful, authentic connection to both nature and Jewish heritage.

What we offer:

Unique Ambiance: Each event we host is distinct and memorable, steeped in authenticity.

Warm and Homely Setting: Our ceremonies emphasize an informal family-centered atmosphere.

Ancient Settings: Celebrate amid historic sites, creating a profound bond with ancient stones and enduring traditions.

Personal Expression: We provide ample room for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah, bride, groom, or celebrant to express themselves significantly, ensuring a personal touch to the ceremonies.

Collective Memory: Craft an unparalleled experience cherished by the entire family and your guests.

Choose Your Perfect Venue

From the verdant north to the sun-kissed south, we’ve handpicked 22 of Israel’s most scenic and historic sites to set the stage for your celebration. Each site comes equipped with essentials like tables, chairs, and a hot water dispenser, available for rent based on availability. For those drawn to the iconic Masada National Park, Torah scrolls are accessible to enrich your ceremony further.

Every site’s dedicated manager will greet you warmly, guiding you to ensure your ceremony unfolds smoothly. A preliminary tour is essential, to acquaint you with the site’s aura and to understand the anticipated ceremony proceedings.

While ceremonies unfurl, our sites remain open to the public, emphasizing a shared experience of history and tradition. We highly recommend incorporating a guided tour of your chosen site, further strengthening the bond between the ceremony and the deep significance of your surroundings.

And remember –


Mosaic Ceremonies are not just an event, but an enduring memory, a bridge to history, and a heartwarming celebration of milestones. Together, let’s create moments that resonate through time.


חופה חתונה בגן לאומי קומראן – שירות פסיפס שיווק – דן פרקש רשות הטבע והגנים, חופה חתונה בגן לאומי קומראן - צילם דן פרקש רשות הטבע והגנים