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The Secret Garden: One-of-a-kind visit to Hula Nature Reserve

Join us on a fascinating journey to a unique part of Israel where only few have set foot in. The Hula Nature Reserve is first and foremost a home to a wide variety of birds, animals and flora, but it is also a time capsule of history and nature in the north of Israel. Though part of this enchanting nature reserve is open to visitors, thereโ€™s another part, a much larger one, that is closed. Few have the keys to this unknown area. Few had the opportunity to set their foot in.

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Regards from 236 CE: the first Roman milestone inscription east of the Sea of Galilee ever deciphered

The name of the Roman Emperor Maximinus Thrax, who ruled between 235 and 238 CE, has been identified for the first time on an ancient Roman milestone, according to recent research by scholars from the University of Haifa on the territory of ancient Sussita.

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