Conserving Heritage Sites in Israel


Osnat Avitan, Yigal Buznah and Eli Moyal are natives of the northern Jordan Valley city of Bet She鈥檃n, where they are now raising their children. For years they worked in maintenance at the national park in their city, until the threat of a cornona-fueled spate of furloughs loomed. A unique vocational retraining project has now allowed them and many others to resume work 鈥 now as conservation workers at the most important heritage sites in Israel.

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WeSea for Nature

The oceans and seas cover more than two-thirds of the Earth and are home to spectacular ecosystems and a wide variety of amazing creatures. The value of the marine world goes well beyond its beauty - it is a source of livelihood for many, regulates climate, produces half the oxygen we breathe, and even drives the water cycle to produce rainwater and drinking water.

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